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Cost per
Cost per
Consultation Clinic Name City State Other information
500 750 100 Ketamine Wellness Centers Phoenix AZ Mesa/Phoenix
500 750 100 Ketamine Wellness Centers Tucson AZ
520 700 0 Charleston Ketamine Center Charleston SC Treatments for pain consist of four 4-hour infusions over a 4-day period at a cost of $700 each. We file insurance, but require payment at time of service.
525 Trifecta Health Medical and Wellness Center Hewlett NY Also intramuscular Injections $300.
525 Trifecta Health Medical and Wellness Center New York NY Also intramuscular Injections $300.
550 1250 Pain Management and Injury Relief (PMIR) Thousand Oaks CA Pain Disorder: $1,250 for 4-hour infusion
550 Ketamine Greater Boston Needham MA
550 Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology(MD MATT) Randallstown MD For Depression, PTSD, Chronic pain, Migraines and Asthma; 443-559-4137
550 N/A FREEDOM Depression Treatment Center MD Serving many cities in Maryland
550 Nashville Ketamine Center Nashville TN $600 is for the 1st infusion
550 750 Ketamine Infusion Centers Gilbert AZ
550 750 Ketamine Infusion Centers Phoenix AZ Mood disorders and pain.
570 875 Actify Neurotherapies San Francisco CA
575 N/A 450 Interventional Phychiatry Associates Santa Barbara CA
575 N/A Interventional Psychiatry Associates Santa Barbara CA Only INTRAMUSCULAR injection. No IV infusions.
600 600 0 Ketamine Health Centers Coral Gables FL
600 N/A Beach Infusions Miami FL 305-608-5031; 40 SW 13th St, Ste 601
600 1200 Sun Valley Ketamine Clinic Ketshum ID
600 0 IV Solution Chicago IL Need a referral; 1st payment for 3 sessions
600 Brain-Mind Institute of New England Newburyport MA